RIVALLI Mattresses types

The mattress is the most key component, which often helps to make a choice in favor of a certain model of sofa. And not surprising, because the mattress provides the same pleasure that is the dream of each of us. 

Someone needed a mattress of high rigidity, other prefer to relax on a soft bed, there are those who are the most important environmentally friendly and modern materials in the composition. 

Factory of upholstered furniture rival for more than 20 years makes upholstered furniture and mattresses to her. Designers are constantly improving their products by updating the model. All our mattresses are guaranteed to provide you a comfortable stay and sound sleep. Your choice we present you six classes of mattresses!


The mattress on the spring block is a popular choice for those who choose a healthy sleep without any extra costs. On the sofa such a mattress is comfortable to sit and lie down. A classic option. 

"Bonnel" (spring block): fillers with the spring block is time – proven design. It is popular due to its affordable price and excellent properties. Suitable for those who are looking for the best combination of price and quality.



The option "Optimum", with additional option. Along with the spring unit, the product uses coconut coir is a natural material that provides additional rigidity to a mattress. 

Coconut coir: the natural core of hard coconut. Relieves sensations of heat, humidity, has an anti-stress effect, does not cause allergies, and makes sleeping comfortable in all conditions. Has good orthopedic properties. Perfect for a peaceful and healthy sleep.

 Оптимум Эко.png


The mattress is a high quality polyurethane foam (PUF). These mattresses are used in most of our models and give a comfortable rest and sleep. 

Polyurethane foam (PU foam): made of environmentally friendly materials. Key advantages – strength, durability, optimal combination of price / quality. Mattress filled with polyurethane foam will be a good purchase for the budget conscious owners. Has excellent orthopedic effect.


Class «COMFORT+»

Mattresses this class uses a highly elastic polyurethane foam (HR foam) is unique in its characteristics to the material, giving increased comfort and the effect of water-filled mattresses, the equivalent of natural latex. 

Highly elastic polyurethane foam (HR foam): made of organic hypoallergenic materials. The filler of medium hardness, has excellent orthopedic properties and creates all the conditions for perfect sleep and rest. Ideal for Allergy sufferers.




A mattress of high class, which is based on independent spring block. This design allows the best way to distribute the load, allowing rest on the mattress can be safely equate to sleeping in a full bed. 

The independent spring block (NPB): the uniqueness of an independent spring block is that each spring works separately from the other, so the movement of one sleeper will not disturb even the most sensitive dream of another. Independent spring block has a unique orthopedic properties and making the body position during sleep as comfortable as possible. Recommended to relieve fatigue and back pain.

Супер Комфорт.png

Class «ELITE»

For those looking for maximum comfort and understand its price! At the core of the mattress - polyurethane foam memory foam, known as Memory foam (Memory foam). Unique properties of the material will give the owner unparalleled comfort and healthy rest. 

"Memory foam" (polyurethane foam with memory effect): environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material is able to memorize body shape. Memory Foam adapts to the silhouette lying on the mattress man, and "remembering" it, not having the body of the response pressure. The result is an effect like "zero gravity" — a full sense of comfort and lack of any problems with lack of blood supply vessels, which are nothing squeezes. This, in turn, helps to reduce anxiety sleep and the number of turns in the dream several times.


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