Customer service

Warranty terms:

  • The warranty period for all manufactured products is 18 months from the date of their transfer to the end consumer.

  • The warranty period for transformation mechanisms is 5 years from the date of transfer of the goods to the end consumer (except for RIVALLI RIVIERE LINE sofas).

  • The warranty period for Pantograph transformation mechanism is 25 years* (except for RIVALLI RIVIERE LINE sofas) (see page 8 of Warranty) from the date of transfer of the goods to the end consumer.

  • The warranty period for RIVALLI RIVIERE LINE sofas is 18 months from the date of their transfer to the end consumer. 

  • In case of purchasing discounted furniture, claims for quality and appearance will not be accepted.

  • Defects of products identified during the warranty period and resulting from the fault of the factory will be eliminated by the factory's service department free of charge, within the time limits and on the terms of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  • Claims for the appearance of the product, incomplete parts, as well as non-conformity of the order are accepted only at the time of acceptance of the product. Such claims will not be accepted later, and the buyer will bear all costs of the required work. 

Warranty service includes repair and replacement of defective parts of the product through the fault of the manufacturer. Uponreceipt of the goods, carefully inspect the purchased furniture, checking the completeness and external quality signs. Remember that accepting furniture without indicating the defects that could have been revealed by the usual method of acceptance (obvious shortcomings) deprives you of the right to refer to them in the future. Observe the safety rules when transforming the product. Non-compliance with the rules of operation deprives the buyer of the right to warranty service.

Warranty service is not provided in case of:

  • expiration of the warranty period;

  • violation of operating conditions;

  • a mechanical damage of the product;

  • confirming the fact of exceeding the permissible loads on parts of the product;

  • damage to or loss of the product due to circumstances of insuperable force (natural disaster, fire, flood, etc.);

  • damage to the product as a result of deliberate or erroneous actions of the Consumer;

  • damage to the product caused by exposure to foreign objects, liquids, animals, insects, etc.;

  • the presence of traces of extraneous interference with the product or repair of the product either independently or by unauthorized organizations, enterprises or individuals;

  • damage to the product as a result of changes in its design;

  • use of the product for production purposes.

In all of the above cases, service is provided at the expense of the Buyer at factory prices. The nature of the defect is determined by the expert of the enterprise, who makes an examination report when inspecting the furniture, and informs the Buyer thereof.