IQ Vita
anatomic pillow
Anatomical pillow premium-the perfect solution for asthmatics, allergies, as well as for all people who value health, and dream of excellent comfort during sleep.
  • It can be hugged like your favorite childhood pillow, while IQ Vita does not lose its anatomical properties
  • Artificial "Swan fluff" gives the pillow extra softness and comfort. "Swan fluff" is hypoallergenic and does not stray into lumps
  • Has the effect of thermoregulation
  • Dimensions: M-40 x 60 cm, height 13 cm; L-40 x 60 cm, height 15 cm
  • Removable cover: premium satin with filler " Swan fluff»
M-40x60x13 cm
L-40x60x15 cm

Package: carton box

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