Model 708
rocking chair
Elegant rocking chair with pendulum mechanism. The frame is made of wood on high – tech equipment and can withstand a load of up to 130 kg.the design of the chair gives it a special stability-it will never move when rocking, unlike simple rocking chairs. Ergonomic shape of the seat and backrest, comfortable padded headrest and armrests make glider very comfortable. High quality eco leather, which is used in the upholstery of the chair makes it easy to care for. Glider chair is perfect for any, even the most refined interior.

Used in the frame color options: champagne Oak, patina champagne Oak, antique Walnut, Wenge
Upholstery/cushion: eco-Leather, fabric

Wood Color:
 Дуб шампань 2.jpg
Champagne oak
 Дуб шампань патина.jpg
Oak champagne platinum
 Орех антик.jpg
Nut antique

Upholstery variants: 

Мальта 01.jpg
Malta 01
Мальта 03.jpg
Malta 03
Мальта 15.jpg
Malta 15
Modena 56.jpg
Modena 56
Oregon perlamutr120.jpg
Oregon perlamutr  120
Oregon perlamutr 106.jpg
Oregon perlamutr  106
Dundi 108.jpg
Dundi 108
Dundi 109.jpg
Dundi 109   
 Dundi 112.jpg
Dundi 112
 Vegas Lite Black.jpg
Vegas Lite Black
 Vegas Lite Amber.jpg
Vegas Lite Amber
 Polaris beige.jpg
Polaris Beige
 Antik crocodile.jpg
Antik crocodile
 Real lite DK Brown,.jpg
Real lite DK Brown
 Mango 002.jpg
Mango 002
 Camel .jpg
 Brown .jpg
 Light Grey.jpg
Light Grey 
 Verona Light Grey.jpg
Verona Light Grey
 Verona Vanilla.jpg
Verona Vanilla
 Verona Brown.jpg
Verona Brown
 Verona Apple Green.jpg
Verona Apple Green
 Verona Cyklam.jpg
Verona Cyklam
 Verona Denim Blue.jpg
Verona Denim Blue
 Verona Antazite Grey.jpg
Verona Antazite Grey

WxLxH, cm: 58x82x95

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