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Our new armchair Vancouver will bring to your interior an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Soft classic chair shapes are emphasized by the upholstery in the actual shade. The mechanism of Sergio is convenient for daily use. In places of increased load, the construction of the chair uses a metal mesh, which will save you from the need for periodic replacement of lat. A full bed and an interesting style of armrests - this chair will add coziness to any apartment, to a country house, a rented apartment or a student hostel. The armchair of the chair-bed is equipped with roller wheels, which makes it easy to move the chair in the client's apartment and excludes damage to the floor covering.
Dimensions (LxDxH, cm):
120х92х100 (folded)
120х210х100 (decomposed)
Sleeper: 205x62 cm

Height of the mattress: 10 cm
Composition of the mattress: PPU

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