Chair-bed, mechanism «sergio»
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The revolutionary design, it is the newest mechanism of transformation, which allows us to create on its basis a unique chair-bed. It is extremely easy to use, convenient, with minimal dimensions, due to the metal frame. It is important during choosing of a chair, because often the large dimensions of additional furniture are forcing people to make a choice not in favor of buying, but in saving of space in the apartment.

The chair bed is the perfect choice for those, who are looking for an option to create an extra bed for guests in a country house, rented apartment or student house. With a minimal size of the “Manhattan” chair-bed, it has a full-fledged mattress in an unfolded position for a comfortable rest of one adult or child. There are wheels at the back of a chair – it is so simple to move the chair to a chimney corner for a while! In addition, the floor covering will be intact; you do not risk leaving on it an annoying scratch. A back cushion, with an optimal degree of ramming, allows installing of it at different angles, and creating the most comfortable conditions of the rest for people of different body constitution.


Дуб каньон.jpg
        Canyon oak    
 Золотистый каштан.jpg
    Golden chestnut
 Структурный кофе.jpg
     Structural coffe    

Dimensions (LxDxH, cm):
92х89х95 (assembled)
92х210х72 (unfolded)
Bed size:62х200

mattress thickness: 10 cm 
mattress core: foam
Laminated MDF panels

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